Fashion design

The courses of study for the achievement of the first-level academic diploma in fashion design, equip the student with a broad and versatile skills ranging from design and executive methodologies to applications in the production system.

The fashion designer is a qualified expert who considers the multiplicity of contemporary techniques and languages to reinterpret the models of the artisan tradition by experimenting with innovative, expressive autonomy. All the more so in a territory like Umbria, characterized by a centuries-old textile tradition combined with an open and avant-garde contemporary vision, demonstrated by examples of excellence that involve both the province of Perugia and that of Terni.

Students' works

The Sound of Silence
Chen Xiaolan
Daniela Gjyzeli
Daniela Gjyzeli
Yafei Sun
Liu Muchen
Li Zining
Sun Yafei
Vagnetti Christian


Graduates must possess:

  • adequate technical-operational training in methods and content relative to the Fashion Design sector;
  • methodological and critical tools suitable for the acquisition of skills of expressive languages, of the most advanced techniques and related technologies;
  • excellent knowledge of at least one European Union language, in addition to the mother tongue, in the primary area of competence and for the exchange of general information;
  • knowledge of information technology tools and telematic communication in specific competence areas.

Employment prospects

Fashion designers
Graduates of the Fashion Design course will carry out professional activities within both public and private sectors, particularly in the textile supply chain and the fashion system, with design opportunities of the new configuration and great flexibility, ranging from small and medium enterprises to large industries.
It will also be possible for fashion designers to access potential new professional fields, such as journalism, culture, and education.

Carrying out a curricular internship will favor integration with the world of production and will involve companies and public entities in the area affiliated with the Academy, offering a further opportunity for further training and professional development.