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The first nucleus of the Library, established when the teaching courses began, was considerably enriched during the century XIX with interesting historical-artistic works donated by illustrious Perugians such as Giovan Battista Vermiglioli, Mariano Guar- dabassi, Luigi Carattoli, Giovanni Francesco Cipriani and Angelo Lupattelli. It is a specialist library in the history of art (the remarkable nucleus of the sixteenth century) and subjects related to it and consists of over 16,600 bibliographic units. She recently got rich from an important estate donated by the wife of the Perugian painter and essayist Dante Filippucci. It is a library-newspaper library strong of about 3,000 items, including books, brochures, and magazine issues, a very rich fund that has increased, above all in quality, depth, and topicality, the already robust catalog of the institution. An interdisciplinary core of aesthetics, philosophy, sociology, sociology of art, literature, art history, European fiction, cinema, linguistics, psychology, photography, design, theatre, psychoanaly- sis, semiology, language sciences (semantics, stylistics, generative grammar, etc.), religion, poetry, cultural anthropology, industry culture, exhibition catalogs, monographs of artists of yesterday and today.

Thanks to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities contribution, the Library of the Academy is recognized as notable historical-artistic interest. Since 2003 a project has been carried out which sees it connected to the National Library Service, where it has poured 12,000 bibliographic units. You will enter the OPAC of the Umbrian libraries by clicking on the link below. To search the book catalog of the Library of the Academy, in the “library” field, select the item:

“Pietro Vannucci Academy of Fine Arts Library – Perugia”

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