Character Design and Gaming

Graduates must achieve knowledge and understanding in a post-secondary level field of study. They must be at a level that, characterized by the use of advanced textbooks, also includes knowledge of some cutting-edge topics in their field of study.


The course of study aims to train a professional figure required in the context of the contemporary scenario on the border between digital comics and video games, also taking into account a favorable geographical context that sees a widespread culture of comics with a cultural heritage in this sense and at the same time a consolidated cultural reality in the field of comics publishing, onto which a training reality on advanced graphics for post-graduate videogames is also grafting.

Employment prospects

Character design as a transversal profession between comics, video games, and online gaming, already consolidated at the beginning of the third millennium, in the future, will be increasingly required also in light of the proliferation of virtual characters coming from Eastern countries in other areas of the cultural industry contemporary (starting from music) and in the sphere of hybridization between physical and digital life (passing through virtual and augmented realities), concerning which character design will also have to be able to compete with artificial intelligence systems.