The study courses for achieving the Academic Diploma of the School of Scenography aim to ensure adequate mastery of artistic methods and techniques and the acquisition of specific disciplinary and professional skills. The aim is to provide knowledge, design, and expressive methodologies in the use of representation tools and artistic practices, with particular reference to theatrical, television, and cinematographic scenography, as well as to the preparation techniques connected to advertising communication and window dressing.

The School’s courses develop skills in the practice of expressive, traditional, and contemporary technological tools, which concern the use and management of space and the principles of representation. They also set the goal of achieving technical knowledge on the use of materials for the realization of projects, interventions within the territory, and environmental works, as well as developing in-depth analysis and research on visual artistic languages.

Students' works

Casa di bambola
Liang Xhu
Peach Blosson land
Sfilata di moda


Graduates must possess:

  • adequate technical-operational training of methods and contents concerning the sectors of scenography, staging, and costume for the show;
  • methodological and critical tools suitable for acquiring skills in the most advanced expressive languages, techniques, and technologies;
  • the ability to effectively use at least one language of the European Union, in addition to the mother tongue, in the primary area of competence and for the exchange of general information;
  • knowledge of information technology tools and telematic communication in specific competence areas.

Employment prospects

Design the artistic representation
Architecture, visual arts, theatre, communication. Graduates in Applied Arts Design will be professionals capable of combining “know-how” with creating visual scenes. Graduates will conduct professional activities in the various public and private spheres of theatre, cinema, and television scenography, staging, and show costumes.

The Academy will organize, in agreement with public and private bodies, the most appropriate internships and apprenticeships to contribute to achieving specific professional skills. Specific training models will be further defined for each course of study.