Illustration and Languages of Comics

Graduates in illustration and comic languages will acquire knowledge and understanding in a contemporary research field, which will base their growth on the understanding of the disciplines in the professional field, achieving a preparation that will allow them to acquire solid foundations essential for dealing with the complex professional world.


The course aims to provide students with theoretical, laboratory, methodological, and design preparation to achieve a solid preparation in illustration and comics. Students will be able to use the contemporary languages of visual storytelling, developing solid and competitive skills in the field of illustration understood in the term’s broadest sense. The articulation of the training activities and the related training objectives are designed for an individual growth path structured through the study of the contemporary communication languages linked to the image through analogical and digital techniques.

Employment prospects

Graduates of the course will be able to present themselves on the international market as illustrators and cartoonists. The course allows graduates to acquire professional preparation to collaborate with editorial realities or structures operating in other fields, such as cinema, animation cinema, virtual reality.