Fashion Design for Knitwear

The course aims to provide specialized skills regarding fashion design in contemporary knitwear.


The aim is to provide the student with a complete knowledge of the knitwear sector, from in-depth knowledge of its history and its symbolic implications in folklore and its recovery in a contemporary key to training concerning textile products to design skills typical of this sector, giving ample space to the transmission of processing techniques through the use of specific machinery. The course is structured to train designers attentive to this sector’s sustainability needs, from the choice of raw materials to production methods. Every subject, theoretical or theoretical-practical, is carried out with great attention paid to the leading production realities within the Umbrian knitwear district, nationally and internationally. The training course includes internships, apprenticeships, and in-depth workshops with prominent art, design, culture, and entrepreneurship personalities.

Employment prospects

Graduates in the second level course in “Fashion Design for Knitwear” will have access to various employment prospects within the entire textile and clothing supply chain. The course aims to train professionals such as Knitwear Fashion designers, Product Managers, and Knitted Textile designers for companies and individuals or as freelancers. The second-level course graduate student will also be able to work as a consultant in multidisciplinary teams to conceive new sustainable processes, products, and services within the production realities of the sector at regional, national, and European levels, in public and private contexts.