The specialist two-year period allows enrolled students to achieve II level Academic Diploma in Painting, Sculpture, Scenography, and Graphics, combining laboratory teachings relating to the four fundamental fields: the constraint is the obligatory nature of some subjects for each field and respect for the general articulation of the study plan, which must necessarily include 120 credits divided between:

Basic Educational Activities – Laboratories: 4 exams, of which 2 are elective
Characterizing Educational Activities – Laboratories: 6 exams, of which 5 elective
Theoretical-Scientific Educational Activities: 4 exams, of which 3 are elective
Related/Supplementary Educational Activities: 2 elective exams
Final thesis

Students' works

Agata Kwiatkowska
Rong JinYan
Tommaso Faraci
Mostra di pittura, Perugia, giugno 2013

Employment prospects

Graduates will carry out professional activities in various fields, both in the artistic profession and in the field of visual arts and creative activities, as well as collaborating within the various fields of application, in the planning, design, and implementation of specific interventions in painting and sculpture, both in the field of tools linked to tradition and of new technologies and new linguistic expressions found in national and international events. They will also carry out professional activities in the various public and private spheres of theatre, cinema, and television scenography, staging, and costume for the show.

The Academy will organize, in agreement with public and private bodies, the most appropriate internships and apprenticeships to contribute to the achievement of specific professional skills and will further define, for each course of study, specific training models.