Photography, video and social media for the arts

Graduates in Photography, video, and social media for the Arts acquire knowledge and understanding in a transversal research area between communication and contemporary arts, aimed at enhancing the latter through the use of shared image languages and, therefore, the photo and video once integrated into social media. Their transversal reading ability will be supported by a preparation allowing them to have solid historical, aesthetic, and ethical foundations, essential for using social media as cultural aggregators.


The course of study intends to train a figure who has the adequate historical and theoretical foundations to then move in the methodological and technical field in the universe of contemporary Photography and video or who masters the languages of the so-called ‘shared image’, whether photographic or audiovisual, once its circulation in contemporary social media is considered. This is also in the light of a current media scenario where the audiovisual platform production is closely intertwined, through digital storytelling, with the most widespread social platforms, within which the new digital cultures of today’s image are developing. Therefore, the educational objective is to address digital natives who, after an articulated educational path, have competence in these contemporary languages, interpreting them in an aesthetic key in the territories where Photography and video proliferate through new genres in constant evolution. All this, however, with the theoretical- practical and ethical awareness necessary to have an artistic aptitude in the current infosphere.

Employment prospects

The objective of the study course in terms of employment is to form a ‘cross-media’ profile that can be proposed in digital professions on the border between Photography, cinema, video, TV series, and digital platforms to produce photographic and video creations firsthand addressed, in particular, to the communication via social media of contents and events related to the arts, fashion, design. A figure who, at the same time, is also able to work in a team within a logic of digital and social media platforms with a highly creative and art direction contribution, storytelling, images, audiovisuals, cultural content, and events using the contemporary languages of social media.