Printmaking and fine art illustration

Graduates in Printmaking and Illustration acquire knowledge and understanding in the field of research between print making and illustration for publishing; the use of appropriate address texts, supported by laboratory experience, will lead students to investigate fields of experimentation related to the multifaceted aspects of language in the field of art publishing and illustration.


The course of study for the achievement of the first level Academic Diploma in Printmaking and Illustration has as its objective the training of the student in the various fields of art graphics, understood as a contemporary language in the broadest sense of the term. The image society imposes a transversality and a plurality of approaches in order to be able to operate in the art graphics sector and, also understood in its current possible declinations regarding illustration in general and publishing. Therefore, the course of the study provides for a theoretical and laboratory knowledge of the languages of Printmaking from chalcography, xylography, lithography, screen printing, and photography to illustration in the broadest sense of the term. Graduates of the first level course will be able to master the languages of illustration through a multidisciplinary vision oriented towards the authorial and editorial world, welcoming the needs of the contemporary and arriving at finalizing their path in the graphic and creative field. The training activities of the course follow the most recent application strategies in different directions related to the publishing field, paying attention to the modern creative processes arriving to train a professional able to express himself with images in the world of contemporary publishing.

Employment prospects

Graduates will be able to carry out activities as graphic designers, illustrators, print makers, artists, teachers, or freelancers with specific skills in the various fields of creative communication having all the valuable tools to move quickly in a constantly evolving world of work. The Academy will organize internships and apprenticeships in agreement with public and private realities to create a professional connection on the territory.