Sustainable Product Design

According to globally shared guidelines, sustainable development today is oriented towards the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of the human being in its complexity. Therefore, The concept of sustainability becomes the necessary driving force for environmentally sustainable and socially sustainable development. For this reason, the first-level Academic Diploma in “Sustainable product design” aims to provide the primary methodologies and knowledge for the training of designers capable of designing products, systems, and processes oriented towards sustainability understood not only in its ecological sense but also culturally.


The course, structured in an interdisciplinary and synergistic perspective, therefore alternates theoretical courses of a humanistic nature with laboratories and design workshops aimed at developing an aesthetic and cultural sensibility in the student, functional to a design thought attentive to the principles of Ecodesign, using with awareness of new technologies and the languages of contemporary communication systems. The course aims to provide students with the ability to read and reinterpret the complexity of the context in which they will operate, also from a social and anthropological point of view, to identify problems and offer solutions aimed at promoting sustainable development from the point of view not only from an economic point of view but also from an ecological, social and cultural point of view.

Employment prospects

Graduates in the first level course in “Sustainable product design” will be able to conceive and develop new sustainable concepts in the various areas of product design, among the professions that he can carry out, in particular, that of Product designer, Sustainability designer, Ecodesigner, Furniture designer, Industrial designer, and Craft designer in companies, associations, and public and private institutions, or as a freelancer. The student will also be able to operate as a consultant in multidisciplinary teams to conceive new sustainable processes, products, and services in the context of regional, national, and European planning in public and private contexts.