Painting for art publishing

Graduates in Painting for Art Publishing, thanks to the knowledge acquired during their studies, can understand and solve complex problems linked to the world of communication, to new trends in the artistic and publishing fields, thus applying an awareness and coherent training in the reading and enhancement of complex contents, inserted in contexts connected to the world of artistic communication and that of art publishing.


The second level academic study course of the Painting for art publishing specialization aims to perfect, deepen and harmonize the artistic and professional skills acquired in the previous three years, leading each student to develop and broaden their cultural preparation in parallel in this professional field. The specialist two-year course will investigate in depth the practical and theoretical knowledge of Painting of pictorial techniques with an eye to the language of art graphics and illustration to train a professional capable of knowing and managing his artistic research on multiple levels in order to provide the right tools to be able to operate in the contemporary artistic and working panorama. The course of study will be divided into various subjects useful for the organization and definition of a portfolio: Painting, chalcography, illustration, photography, screen printing, and other printing processes will allow the student to develop a methodological process both through languages of tradition and the contemporary.

Employment prospects

The language of Painting and art publishing is constantly changing, and training follows the demands of the contemporary. Graduates of this specialist two-year period will develop, through a targeted training offer, knowledge and professional skills to operate in the art system as artists, illustrators, printers, technical consultants, and/or freelancers able to cover the broadest range of occupations.